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buy me cute underwear and i will let u see me wearing it 

If I buy you nothing, can I see you wearing that?

That was smooth as fuck omg

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summary for 2013

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Royal Baby
  • Lorde
  • Amanda Bynes goes crazy
  • VMA’s
  • Doge
  • Blurred Lines
  • RIP Cory Monteith
  • Jonas Brothers split up
  • Dylan Sprouse nudes
  • vines
  • Nelson Mandela dies
  • Chloe
  • Catching fire
  • Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary 
  • Thrift shop
  • Beyonce releases album without anyone knowing
  • Harlem Shake
  • What does the fox say
  • North west?????
  • Justin timberlake rises from the ashes
  • When you’re ready come & get it NANANANANA

and thats what you missed on glee

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"What a beautiful wedding."

the bridesmaid (to the waiter)

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